First Baby vs Second Baby

I knew when we found out I was pregnant for the second time that our life was going to change, but I had no idea how much I would change as a Mom. Now that Eloise is almost 8 months old and Emerson is 2 I realized how different my parenting style has change just in the past few months. Here are a few examples of how things have changed in the Kenny household.


Baby one: Wait until someone else is home, ask them to watch the baby while you shower and brush your teeth. Instruct that person not to put the baby down for any reason. Give list of emergency numbers and the name of all urgent cares in a 5 mile radius. Demonstrate to them the bounce in which your baby most prefers to avoid any unnecessary crying. Do not dry or curl your hair for at least six months, I mean what if there was a freak accident and the curling iron flew through the wall into the other room and burned your baby?! Also, wait at least six months to see your hair stylist because you would miss your baby too much.

Baby Two: Brush your teeth while simultaneously bouncing baby on hip, also help your toddler brush teeth at same time, should take about 10 minutes to complete this task. Shower with both babies in the bathroom with you. Here are a few different shower senerios. Toddler sitting on potty with baby in the shower getting cleaned with you. Baby in bouncer while toddler plays in the shower. Baby in bouncer toddler on the bathroom floor definitely getting into something dirty. Curl your hair while your toddler watches Disney Jr on your bed and your baby is in bouncer at your feet. You WILL burn yourself at some point because you’re paying more attention to the kids than to your hair. Don’t book an appt with your hairstylist ever again because kids are expensive and take all your money.

Doctor Recommendations 

Baby One: Make an appointment for the six month check up the day your baby turns six months. Goes into the doctors office with a list of questions and follows everything the doctor says. After every appointment you report your babies weight and height along with what percentile they are in.

Baby Two: Consistently a month behind on shots. When the nurse asks if you want to know your babies percentile you just say no because hearing another number and trying to remember is literally pointless at this point.

Play/ Sleeping/ Eating 

Baby One: Plays with all new age appropriate toys. They are never ever left alone in a room and don’t actually get much use of of their toys since they’re almost always in someones arms. Gets two to three outfit changes during the day to make sure all of the clothes they were given get worn. They are either held during their naps or laying on the bed while you nap with them. They start eating some solids at six months, but only foods that are organic and homemade.

Baby Two: Gets lots of floor play time. Mostly playing with items like diapers, wipes packages or toys that are for much older kids. They wear their siblings hand me downs, even if they’re a girl wearing a onesie that reads ‘tough guy.’ They nap when they can, but lets be honest no one is keeping track of their sleep schedule. As far as food goes they’ve been eating Mcdonalds french fries since 4 months old and have never looked back.