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Beauty Bag Must Haves



I am in no way a beauty expert, and I will never claim to be. Despite my lack of knowledge in the beauty department, there are a few products that I’ve discovered over the years that are simple and amazing. I feel like it’s time to share them with the blog world!

Red Lipstick- My favorite beauty product, red lipstick is my obsession. It’s very important to find the type of red that goes well with your skin tone. I prefer a more brick red as opposed to a bright, but make sure you ask a sales associate when you’re looking they will be the biggest help! I use Urban Decay’s F-Bomb ( $20) and Mary Kay’s True Dimensions Sizzling Red ( $18.)

Water Proof Mascara- Living in Arizona during the summer makes this a necessity, but personally I think everyone needs good waterproof mascara. Of course it is perfect for a day at the beach, or pool, but it has more uses than that. I use it when I know it might rain so I don’t have to worry about raccoon eyes. I don’t have any specific brand that I love.

Tweezers- When I was trying to think of the few things that make the biggest difference in my make up bag I didn’t think that tweezers would make my list but once I started thinking about the few things I really need I realized how important they are! Sometimes there is just a pesky hair that pops up and once I find it I can’t rest until it’s gone. Plus a little tweezing can make such a big difference. It is definitely a must have for me. I don’t know what brand my tweezers are I am pretty sure I picked them up at TJ Max; really I only bought them because they’re pink.

Tea Tree Water- This is a toner and now that I found it I don’t think I could live without it. Basically, it comes in a small spray bottle, it’s antibacterial, and you use it before you moisturize. It helps your skin absorbed the moisture and it kills any bacteria on your skin! You can even use it during the day once your makeup is already on, just sprits a little on your face and it will absorb any sweat and help set your makeup. (Lush small 9.95, large 21.95.)

These are just a few of the things I love, but again I’m no expert. What are the things you couldn’t live without in your beauty bag? Comment and let me know!