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DIY Travel Map

PicMonkey Sample

Something Nick and I both really treasure is the time we get to spend traveling together. This year for his 25th birthday I wanted to make him something that would be related to travel. I search through the internet and found some cool maps where people would put pins or pictures on the states they visited together and decided to try to make one.

Cork Board
Printed picture of the U.S. (I printed it out on 8 pages)
Paint (Optional)

I started by sitting the pages of the U.S. on the cork board and tracing around the outside with pencil. Next, I started to cut off the states one by one and trace the individual states, I freehanded some of the smaller states along with Hawaii and Alaska. After the states were traced I covered over them with sharpie and painted all the outside area in blue. I used pins from my sewing kit with pieces of paper taped to it to identify the places we’ve been together.

Image-2Image-3Image-5Image-6 edit
Sorry the picture quality is so bad, I hadn’t really planned on blogging this since I assumed it wasn’t going to turn out that great, but I really do love the way it ended up turning out, again it was completely free and took about 5 hours to finish. Above the map I put up this wall decal I ordered off of easy which I think brings the whole room together.