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Staying away from Sugary Drinks

I’m definitely not a health nut, but I do try to make sure I’m giving Emerson nutritious foods and starting him off with good eating habits. I let him have a piece of chocolate after dinner occasionally and have even been known to let him have syrup on his waffles in the morning.

I think moderation is a good word for the amount of sweets he’s allowed. One thing I’ve really kept him away from is sugary drinks. He doesn’t drink anything other than water and prince juice and I’d like to keep it that way as long as I can.

As he’s gotten older it’s been harder and harder to keep him away from the ‘good tasting’ drinks. Recently I’ve started giving him fruit infused water and it’s been a big hit in our house. I’ve been using the Twistshake sippy cup which allows me to water and the fruit of my choice to make infused water! It’s so much cheaper than buying flavored water from the store and as an added bonus I know exactly what is going in it!

I’ve been following the Twistshake company for a while, but I thought they only made baby bottles. You can read how the company started here, but basically they created an awesome bottle to help moms avoid the formula clumping up and logging the bottle.  Anyways, after the company reached out to me I discovered they make  way more than just baby bottles. I’ve fallen in love with the toddler sippy cup for a few reasons. 1. It can make infused water (duh!) 2. It doesn’t leak so I can give it to Emerson in his crib and not worry about him waking up covered in water, 3. it doesn’t use a straw piece, which is great because Emerson knows how to open his cups and is always hiding the straw.

Because Twistshake is awesome they have offered a discount to all my followers! If you order you can use to code BUSINESSOFBLONDE30 and you’ll get 30% off your order! Thank you Twistshake for sponsoring my post today.

Feeding Favorites

Since I mentioned last week that Emerson was starting to eat solids I thought I’d compile a list of my must have baby feeding products!

IMG_3256Baby Feeding FavoritesBaby Feeding FavoritesBaby Feeding Favorites
^^ Sometimes we get serious tears while we’re eating ^^
^^ Who wants to eat when you can play?^^

High Chair: It’s pretty hard to survive without a high chair. Nick and I love that we can finally eat dinner as a family. Emerson loves that he gets to be a big eat and sit all by himself. I found our high chair at Target. I like how light weight it is I just wish it were easier to clean. I wasn’t expecting it to get so dirty in just one month! If I had a do over I would probably invest in a high chair that either didn’t have fabric, or had fabric I could remove and wash. I would also pay close to attention to any straps or small craves as they are difficult to clean.

Bibs: People can argue about what to feed, how to feed or when to feed, but every mom agrees that bibs are a must. The tends with bibs change every few years and right now bandanna bibs are all the rage. When Alva Baby reached out to me and offered to send me and pack of bandanna bibs I was so excited. Seriously these bibs are so stinking cute. They have so many different designs, but I had to go for teal with geometric and arrow patterns. I love that they are soft on both sides so I was just use to bibs to quickly wipe his face off. Also the back has a snap, which is nice back even if he pulls it down it won’t come undone. You can find the exact bibs I have right here! 

Baby Utensils: I assumed I’d be feeding Emerson, but I was mistaken. He wants to use his spoons to feed himself. The utensils pictured I found at Target and they’re made out of recycled material so I feel like I’m being a good person by buying them.

Happy Baby Organic Wafers: Mostly we feed Emerson at home, but I also like to keep a little something for him in the diaper bag in case he gets hungry and I’m not in a good place to nurse. When surfing the baby food isle I was pretty shocked at the amount of sugar in everything, thankfully these have less than one gram per two wafers so I feel comfortable letting Emerson have them.

Washcloths: I don’t always have time to give Emerson a bath after eating, so I like to use a warm washcloth to clean him off. I like it better than wipes because I can control the temperature and warm is obviously much for comfortable for Emerson. Plus it’s more economical I can’t imagine how many wipes I would burn through if I used them to clean him after he ate!

Durable Flooring: Okay this might not be something you can just run out and buy… But I  am very thankful for my tile flooring when I’m picking up beans and oatmeal. If you have carpet I would try t get an easy to clean rug to keep under the high chair, or maybe get a dog? I hear those are great for cleaning up after messy babies.

I want to send a huge thank you to Alva Baby for sponsoring this post! Here’s any extra little tip, if you take pictures of your baby eating mashed potatoes you will end up with them all over your phone, just embrace it.

Anyway I would love to hear anything I could add to this list, we’ve only just started and I’m sure I will learn lots alone the way.

Starting Solids

Baby led feeding Baby led feeding Baby led feeding Baby led feeding Baby led FeedingBaby Led Feeing Sorry I’ve been on a bit of a blogging break. The past seven weeks I’ve been working all day at a summer camp teaching kids theater, plus I’ve had Emerson with me so I haven’t had much free time. Now that I’m back to being home all day I’m really excited about writing more consistently. I also have a BIG announcement to make at the end of the month so make sure you are checking in!

This month Emerson turned six months and at the recommendation of our pediatrician we started solid foods. Feeding is something that every parent does a little differently. We’ve chosen to follow our doctors instructions, and do some research on our own. Ultimately we decided to go with a baby led feeding approach, which so far as really worked out.

With baby led feeding you exclusively give breast milk until the baby starts showing an interest in food. Instead of using the traditional purred food in a jar we started right away giving Emerson that same food we were eating. For example If Nick and I have eggs and bacon for breakfast we just take a tiny bit of scrambled eggs and put it on his baby try. I do feed him from a spoon, but the idea is that Emerson feeds himself. From my understanding the significance of that is that Emerson doesn’t become dependent on me feeding him and he doesn’t over eat just to make me happy. Honesty, I still feed him because he’s hand eye coordination is not that great ye, but he loves picking up the food by himself and trying to put it in his mouth. In the past month we’ve given him eggs, mashed potatoes, chicken, beans, avocado, banana, oatmeal and plenty of other foods. We’ve also given him peanut butter on bread, giving him a little bit once a week is suppose to make it less likely that he’ll develop an allergy.

Nick and I would recommend this method to anyone whose baby is going to start eating solid food. We’re saving money by not buying any extra food and he really does love eating at the table like a big boy.
Babies do gag and cough as they are learning to eat so be prepared for that.
How did you start to feed your baby?

Crispy Tortellini Bites

Last night I made these delicious tortellini bites, and although I wasn’t planning on sharing the recipe, they turned out so amazing that I just could not resist.IMG_2330

What you’ll need

1 package tortellini (not frozen)
2 cups of canola oil
4 eggs
2 cups of flour
2 cups of Italian bread crumbs
1 cup shredded parmesan cheese
Marinara sauce for dipping ( I used about half a jar)

The Prep

  1. Boil tortellini according to the package, drain when finished
  2. While the tortellini is cooking mix ¾ of a cup of parmesan cheese in with the Italian bread crumbs in a large bowl.
  3. Whisk Eggs in a different bowl and set aside.
  4. Place flour in yet another bowl and set aside.
  5. In medium size frying pan heat oil on medium heat.

The Main Event

  1. Once the tortellini is drained, dredge them in the flour first, followed by the eggs and lastly the bread crumb/ parmesan cheese mix.
  2. Place the tortellini in a single layer in frying pan.
  3. Cook tortellini until they are golden brown (about 2-3 minuets on each side)
  4. Remove from heat and place on paper towel to catch excess oil.
  5. Sprinkle with remaining parmesan cheese.
  6. Heat up your marinara sauce (I just popped it in the microwave.)

Serve right away, they are perfect as an appetizer for a dinner party, or even as your meal for a simple dinner at home.

Easy Strawberry Skewers

If your workplace is anything like mine there is one thing you can always count on, potlucks. Thanks to pinterest the bar has been getting higher and higher. I’m always determined to make something amazing, but then the night before the potluck comes and I don’t really want to spend hours making something.
For our Valentines Day potluck at work I decided to make these really easy strawberry shortcake kabobs. I have had them before at my bridal shower and then my friend at work mentioned them, so I thought I would give it a try.
All you need is strawberries, pound cake, skewers, and whipped cream.I used 3 lbs of berries, and 2 store bought cakes.IMG_2209I cut the cake into cubes ( I tried to make them close to the size of the berries)Some of the large strawberries I cut in half, other I kept just the way they are.IMG_2217
Then I slide the cake and strawberries onto the skewers and I was done. The whole process took me about 15 minuets and I made exactly 20 kabobs. When I set them out at work I made sure to have a tub of whipped cream with them, they were a big hit and I can’t wait to make them again.

What is your go to potluck dish?

Easy Potato Soup

potato soupIngredients

5 cups Potatoes

14 ounces Cream cheese

4 cups Chicken broth

4 table spoons Garlic






Peel and chop up approximately 5 cups of russet potatoes

Combine potatoes, chicken broth, garlic, a pinch and salt and pepper and a few shakes of paprika in a pot on high heat.

Bring it to a boil and once the potatoes are soft mush them up with a spoon.

Reduce to low heat and add in cream cheese, stir until the cheese is melted.

Add flour to the mixture if it is not thick enough.

And that is it!! It is so easy and so delicious.

What is your favorite rainy day food? Comment and let me know, I’m always looking for new recipes.