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Sleep Training 101

I’m a big believer that sleep training is all about the baby and no one knows the right time to start better than the parent. With Emerson we coslept and didn’t officially sleep train until he was about 14 months old. With Eloise I’m feeling like it’s time to get her on a schedule. Up until about a week ago we were bouncing her to sleep for every nap and holding her the entire time. Which is so nice to get all that cuddle time, but I’m just too busy during the day to consistently be holding a baby and tethered to the couch.

Right around the time I was thinking about starting to sleep train, Lauren, the Owner/ Sleep Consultant at Sleep and the City, put out a call for moms with infants 5-12 months to try out her new sleep guide. I’ve actually been following Lauren for over a year and love her Instagram (you can follow her here) because she’s always giving out awesome advice, so I had to jump on the opportunity. Stars aligned, am I right?

I was able the read the entire guide in two sittings, which is great considering my days are occupied by two toddlers and a baby! I’ve started slowly implementing the techniques in Lauren’s guide and in just one week I’ve seen a huge improvement. Specifically with scheduling, I was able to get a good outline for when I should be putting Eloise down to nap/ feeding her/ letting her play. Eloise is now napping on her own in her crib! Which is totally amazing and really frees me up to take care of other things around the house, not to mention finding time to blog. I’ve seen a dramatic change in Eloise’s behavior as well. Before the guides we were waiting for her to get tired, but by that point it was already too late and because we missed the nap window she wouldn’t sleep soundly and was just grumpy all the time from lack of sleep.

I was also really impressed with the way it was all explained. I’m very analytical and not a big fan of, “do it this way just because.” The sleep guide really broke down the biological reasons for following a sleep cycle making it more than just a ‘do it my way’ guide.

I would definitely recommend that any of my sleepy moms friends download the Infant Sleep Survival Guide (here.) I’m so happy to see Eloise sleeping better and obviously ecstatic that I’m no longer up three or four times a night.


Thank you so much to Sleep in the City for giving me this opportunity to review The Infant Sleep Survival Guide!