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5 Myths About Getting Married Young

5 Myths About Getting Married Young

Nick and I were both young when we were married, you can read about our story here.  When we were first engaged I had tons of people telling me why I wasn’t ready to get married. Five years and one baby later, I’m confident we made the right decision for us.

5. You Aren’t Old Enough to Know What You Want- Does anyone ever know what they want? There is no ‘perfect age,’ people who get married in their thirties can get divorced, just like people who get married before they’re twenty can get divorced. At the risk of sounding cliché I knew that Nick was the person I was going to spend forever with and I wanted to start forever as soon as possible.

4. You Aren’t Financially Ready- While I do agree that if you can’t afford to live on your own you shouldn’t be getting married, I don’t think that just because you’re young means you’re automatically financially irresponsible. By the time Nick and I got married we both had full time jobs and were able to fully support ourselves. Now Nick ‘s income in enough to support all three of us.

3. You Need To Finish College First- It is a lot easier to finish school first, especially if you need a degree for your desired profession. I know many couples who were married while they finished up their degree. Having a degree doesn’t mean you’re more qualified to be married.

2. You Need To Be Single- I do think it’s important to be independent, but that doesn’t mean ‘spend 5 years being single.’ It’s just about being comfortable and confident in your own skin. Nick and I spent almost a year of our engagement living in different states and that time gave us a chance to learn to be apart. So while I agree that you need to know how to survive on your own, I don’t think that you need to be single to learn that.

1. You should spend time traveling- Traveling is great, it’s even better with the person you love. People kept talking to me like getting married meant I could never travel again. Will I ever spend a year backpacking through Europe, probably not, but I probably wouldn’t have done that anyway. I have been able to take some pretty amazing trips with the guy I love most.

What’s your take on getting married young? Make sure you comment and let me know your thoughts!

5 Myths About Getting Married Young
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Don’t Stop Having Fun

Happy Monday! I know it’s late, but I’m basically a vampire now so it’s like afternoon for me. I’m so excited because today I’m writing about my favorite subject, Nick! IMG_0613
This post is inspired by a conversation I was a part of Thursday night. Nick and I were out for dinner and drinks with some of his friends from work, whom I had never met. As we were all saying out ‘goodbyes’ one his friends friends made a comment about how we ‘look like we have a lot of fun together.’ I mean I love that! And, I really do think Nick and I have a ton of fun together.
I know we’ve only been married for a year and a half, but it’s so easy to get married and just stop having fun. I’m excited to share some of the ways we have fun. Disclaimer, Nick and I are super weird so please don’t judge us.
We like to take pictures of each other sleeping. If you read this post you may have seen a picture of Nick sleeping, but you didn’t see is the dozen pictures we have on the computer that we randomly took for no good reason. Sometimes we’ll randomly send them to each other. You should also know that they are not cute pictures, sometimes there is even drool involved. IMG_0324IMG_2141
^^ He always falls asleep with his phone in his hand!!^^
Sometimes he throws towels at me. Okay, this only happened once, but I think it is so funny! We were sitting on the couch and he tosses the towel at my head. Instead of ducking or moving I stayed perfectly still and didn’t move the towel for about 10 min. IMG_0469
^^ This is not a reenactment^^ That is a real picture from the story!
We travel together and take selfless in elevators. IMG_0428

We do almost everything together. From roller coasters to work dinners we like to be together as much as possible. I married my best friend and I am so excited to spend many more years being weird and having fun together! STUDIO_ROCKNRCOASTERRIDE_7115406216DSCN4197

Thanks for stopping by! Comment and let me know some of the things you do to keep having fun!

Staying Busy While Your Loved One is Away

So Nick was out of town last week for work, and although we went through long distance for almost a year while we were engaged it was the first time we’d been apart since we have been married. I thought I’d share a few things that I did to keep myself busy while he was away.

staying busy Watch All The Shows Your Partner Hates- I watched a lot of Gilmore Girls and Gossip Girls while Nick was gone. Now that he’s been home I’ve barely turned the TV on. It’s the perfect time to catch up on those shows, you have full control of the remote. Don’t blow it!

Try Something New- I ended up watching about 5 hours of make up tutorials on youtube and then experimenting for another 2 hours. I would never watch make up tutorials if Nick was home, so I took full advantage. You can also try out new recipes and if they aren’t any good no one ever has to know.

Work Overtime/ Ahead- This really depends on your job. I offered to stay late or work the shifts nobody wants. For me it made sense, I’s not like I was had many plans so working weird hours was fine. Even better is if you can work ahead, then when your significant other does come home you can spend more time catching up with them.

Spend Time With Your Friends- I notices that since I’ve been married I don’t spend enough time with my friends. That’s something I need to work on all the time, but it’s nice to have things to keep you busy when your missing someone. Having a girls day shopping or going to the spa is a great way to reconnect with friends, and keep your mind off your spouse.

All in all is wasn’t a terrible week and looking back it definitely did fly by. I’m so happy to have Nick home, but I did also realize how important it is to have time away from each other. A week was a long time, but I’m making an effort going forward to spend more time with my friends and not pester Nick when he was to play video games, or go golfing with his friends.

Have you had to deal with distance? What are some of your recommendations to stay busy? Comment and let me know!

My Long Distance Relationships

I normally don’t write the most personal posts, but today I really wanted to write about two of my best friends, Samantha and Abbie, both who live out of state.


Samantha has been my best friend since the day I was born, literally. Our moms were friends in high school and had us two weeks apart. I moved away from San Diego when I was 11, but luckily, with Facebook, we stayed connected. We saw each other once in the four years through high school, but that did nothing to stop us from being best friends. Recently we have been able to see each other on a more regular basis and in the past year and a half we have seen each other about 5 times. My life would be completely different without her by my side, and I am so thankful for her.

IMG_0664 IMG_0875

Abbie and I have only known each other a little over a year, but I love her so much. We met while in training for the job I currently have. We bonded over FireFly and Dr Who and were basically inseparable after that. No joke, we worked the same shift, the same days and sat right next to each other, plus we would normally spend weekends together since we always had the same days off. Unfortunately, for me, Abbie moved back to her home state Minnesota in September. She is more than a car ride away so we haven’t been able to see each other since she left, but she is visiting in March and I am so excited! We text and talk on the phone, but I am in desperate need of a shopping trip with this girl.

Anyways, sappy post over. I just miss these girls a lot. Does you best friend live in a different state? How do you guys stay up to date on each others lives?

Let’s Talk About Marriage

10635987_10202232454332730_6821657521661385233_nI want to talk about my favorite thing- being married to my best friend. I’ve been married to Nick for just over a year and it has been even better than I could ever have imagined. I guess you could call us old fashioned, but we did not live together before tying the knot. It goes against our religious beliefs and statistically doesn’t give you a better chance of having a successful marriage. Since we hadn’t lived together we had no idea what to expect. Looking back our first year was a huge learning experience for both of us. I know we had a good amount of arguments or tiffs, but right now I can’t think of anything big enough that I remember it. I remember what is important, how incredibly lucky I am to get to share my life with such an amazing man. IMG_1170Nothing is better than knowing you always have someone in your corner cheering you on. To all my engaged friends out there: Plenty of people are going to warn you about how much work a marriage takes, they’re right, it is work, but it is the most fulfilling and meaningful work you will ever do.

Our Story

IMG_0591Nick and I met in spring of 2011. We were both young working at the popular fast food restaurant InNOut. We were friends chatting and work and eventually started a silly Facebook message. Immediately I knew I really like him and I started staying up late every night messaging back and forth. Eventually he gave me his number and we were in constant communication.IMG_0198

We started dating in October of 2011, by November we had picked out rings and on December 5th of 2011 he proposed. IMG_0255At first we wanted to get married right away, but after talking our families we decided to wait a while to get married.We ended up having a two year engagement, we were able to really get to know each other and even spend some time living in separate states. I spend 6 months in Florida with the Disney College Program and Nick spend a few months in Indiana for school.IMG_0195On November 30th 2013 we got married in Phoenix Arizona and of course went back to visit the InNOut were we first met. DSCN4197


Marriage Expectation VS Realities


Considering Nick and I have only been married six months I would not consider myself a marriage expert. That being said there are SO MANY things that I thought about marriage and once I actually got married I realized they were crap.

Expectation- I’m going to snuggle and cuddle every night while I sleep
Reality- The only time we’re touching is when I’m getting elbowed in the face

Expectation- We are going to hang out all the time and go on so many cute dates
Reality- We haven’t had the same day off in two weeks, and I’m always asleep when you get home from work. If we do want to go on a date we have to plan it like six weeks in advance.

Expectation- I’m going to be a great housewife and do your laundry and make you dinner
Reality- I’ve already worked forty hours this week, lets get pizza and do laundry together

Expectation- We will find all these funny shows that will become ‘our shows’
Reality- So you only want to watch ESPN and I want to watch food network. How about we watch our shows in separate rooms and text each other?

Expectation- We will be grown ups, and we will feel like grown ups, and life will be so fun
Reality- Wait so the only difference between being a kid and adult is bills and no summer vacation?

Obviously this was meant to be funny and I am so happy to be married to Nicholas. I wouldn’t trade getting married young for anything in the world. What realities did you find when you got married? Comment and let me know!