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Nick and I met in 2011 where we were both working part-time at In-n-Out burger. We spent a few months talking, texting and face booking as friends until we starting officially dating in October, by November we knew we wanted to spend forever together and in December he proposed.

We decided not to rush the wedding and we spent a few more years getting to know each other. During that time we actually spent 7 months living in different states, and were able to do some traveling together. IMG_0243 IMG_0195

Finally in November of 2013 after a two year engagement we were married at the Pioneer Living History in Arizona. It was so perfect and there is nothing about that day I would ever want to change. We even ended the night at In-n-Out burger with all of our friends. 10614289_10202232461692914_1792489574940964794_n 10675641_10202232455452758_8568449229340056157_n



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We added a baby boy named Emerson to our family in 2015, and somehow managed to continue to travel. In his year and a half he has already visited California, Idaho and most recently Hawaii! 

We purchased our first home in the summer of 2016, and brought home a puppy named Nala a month later. We also found out we were expecting a new baby girl! I’m guessing there won’t be too many life changes after she arrives, but you never know!

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